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Professional 8Ch (H.264) Digital Video Recorder ECS-0824

Professional 8Ch (H.264) Digital Video Recorder ECS-0824
Code: ECS-0824
  • 8Ch Embedded Linux OS Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
  • Unrivalled recording quality with H.264 compression
  • Real time (200fps) Recording at Half D1 Resolution!
  • Dual video streaming (Local Recording & Network Transmission)
  • Individual Channel settings (Resolution, Frames and Quality)
  • Real Multiplex operation
  • Remote monitoring over LAN/Internet by I.E Web-Browsing, CMS (up to 64 cameras from multiple DVRs)
  • Remote monitoring on mobile devices
    (Free applications for iPhone, Android!)
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Different access Levels protected with passwords
  • Easy control by Mouse (Included) or IR remote
  • Flexible recording: Manual, Continuous, Scheduled, Alarm, Motion Detection
  • Pre-alarm Recording
  • Audio recording
  • Two-way audio communication
  • E-mail Notification for Events, Video Loss, HDD error, Power ON
  • Snapshot images (.jpg) to FTP Server and via E-mail for Events
  • Event log for System, Record, Process, HDD, DB, Network, User Log
  • Smart Recording List Search (Time, Calendar, Events and First/Last)
  • Direct VGA output for best image quality
  • More clear images with De-Interlacing feature
  • Digital X2 Zoom, PIP
  • System Automatic Rebooting by Itself for Watch-dog
  • Backup via USB Memory and via Network by CMS
    (Backup records can be exported to AVI files)
  • Designed and made in Korea - High quality and long term product support
Hard Drives:

All Hard Drives presented for DVR meet Surveillance Industrial standard and intended to use 24 hours a day, 365 days a year


Features Benefits
Pre-alarm recording When recording in Alarm/Motion mode, the Pre-alarm function allow to record video before the Event Occurs, not just after the alarm being triggered.
Dual Video Streaming Dual Video Streaming - two independent video streams per channel, at two different quality levels - for local Recording and for Network Transmission. This allows high quality local recording alongside high speed online viewing.
Most Internet users continue to suffer low upload speed, so Dual Video Streaming technology is extremely helpful.
Central Management Software (CMS) Central Management Software (CMS) allows viewing and controlling multiple DVR’s from one central management software interface. Users can combine cameras from multiple DVR’s/locations onto a single screen.
Live Two-way Audio Communication This feature conveys real-time audio between DVR and remote client at the central office. This enables an attendant in the central office to have a conversation with a person at the DVR location. Also this function can be used to remotely notify the intruder or trespasser, e.g. "Please leave the premises immediately!”
The system requires microphones and an amplified speaker at the DVR location.
Multi-level User management The powerful User Management System allows each user to have different permissions for access to each camera and DVR functions:
Administrator can manage the operating rights (Setup, Playback, Stop/Start Recording, Backup, Remote monitoring, PTZ) of other users.
Administrator can assign different user to view the different cameras (view or hide).
Multiplex DVR Multiplex DVR can perform simultaneously:
  • Live monitoring
    Network Remote monitoring
    Backup the records.
E.g. Don’t need to stop recording to play back previously recorded images.


Model/Code NO. ECS-0824
System OS Embedded Linux
Video Standart PAL/NTSC
Compresion Video: H.264, Audio: G723
HDD Storage 1 SATA Hard Drive, Max 2TB
Functionality Multiplex
(Live, Recording, Playback, Network Remote monitoring, Backup simultaneously)
Control USB Mouse, IR Remote Controller, Keyboard
(One remote Controller/Keyboard can control several DVR's)
Multi-level User management Different access levels protected with passwords (Admininstrator and 4 Users)
Inputs Video 8 Composite video inputs (BNC)
Audio 1 Line input (RCA)
Sensor 1
Outputs Video 1 Composite video output (BNC)
1 VGA output (VGA Resolutions: 1280x1024, 1024x768, 800x600)
Audio 1 Line output (RCA)
Alarm 1 (Relay)
Other Ports USB 2 x USB 2.0
PTZ Control 1 (RS-485, Multi-protocols)
LAN 1 (RJ45, 10/100Mbps)
Live Display Speed Real-Live
Digital Zoom x2
Display Modes 1, 4, PIP
Recording Recording Resolution/
Frame Rate
CIF PAL: 360x288, Max 200fps
NTSC: 360x240, Max 240fps
Half D1 PAL: 720x288, Max 200fps
NTSC: 720x240, Max 240fps
D1 PAL: 720x576, Max 100fps
NTSC: 720x480, Max 120fps
Pre-alarm Recording Pre-Alarm: 0-30s
Post-alarm Recording Post Alarm: 0-120s
Recording Modes Manual, Continuous, Scheduled, Sensor-Activated, Motion Detection (Multi Detection Level)
Water-Mark Supports watermark for digital verification
Search By Time, Calendar, Events and First/Last
Playback Speed Fast Forward/Backward (x1, x8, x32, x64, x128), Frame by frame
Backup Options USB memory Stick/HDD
Network via CMS/Web Browser (IE)
Backup File Formats *.PS (Playback in Backup-Viewer)
*.AVI (ffdshow Video Codec)
Network Environment Transmition Dual Video Streaming (Local Recording & Network Transmission)
CMS Live, Playback, Snapshot, Backup, Extended Setup, PTZ, Two-way Audio Communication
Web Browser (IE) Live, Playback, Snapshot, Backup, Setup, PTZ, Two-way Audio Communication
Mobile Devices Live remote monitoring on Smartphones and other mobile devices.
(Free applications for iPhone/iPad, Android devices)
DDNS Supports Dynamic DNS servers
Advanced Features HDD S.M.A.R.T. Warning Message & Buzzer for Hard Drive Over-Temperature
Events Triggering
Email Notification/Log message to FTP server/Alarm-Out/Buzzer for Events
(Motion, Sensor, Video Loss, Power ON, HDD Error)
Snapshot images (.jpg) to FTP Server and/or via E-mail for Events
(Motion, Sensor)
Event Log System, Record, Process, HDD, DB, Network, User Log
Auto time synchronisatio Auto time synchronisation via NTP server
Configuration backup Configuration Export/Import function
Private Zone Legally sensitive zones can be hidden using private zone masking
De-Interlace On/Off De-Interlace function removes the jagged edges from rapid motion affected video
Audio Communication Live Two-way audio communication between DVR and remote client
Power Supply DC 12V, 3.3A
Operating temperature and Humidity 5~40ºC, 20~80% RH
Size 341mm(W)x60mm(H)x258mm(D)
Certification CE, FCC, MIC & RoHS


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